Generic Name Tadalafil
Strength (s) 20 And 40
Brand Name vidalista
Delivery Time 10 day(s)
Manufacturer centurion laboratories
Shipping Us,Uk,Australia ,singapore,Japan,Hk
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Vidalista For A Perfect Orgasm

Vidalista is a tablet made to cure all types of impotency and erectile dysfunction problems of men. The tablet contains Tadalafil which is as similar as Cialis. It is also known as generic Cialis. It is usually prescribed to relax and improve blood circulation to specific parts of the body in order to fulfill the desired purpose. However,the most prominent usage of the tablet is to improve sexual performance of men.Along with that, the tablet is also prescribed in the cases of enlarged prostate. It belongs to a group of medical preparations known as PDE5 inhibitors where PDE5 is the enzyme which breaks into cyclic guano sine mono phosphate. During the release of NO due to a sexual excitement, the contraction of PDE5 causes rise of cGMP and eventually relaxation of soft muscles. It eventually leads to enhanced blood circulation to the penis and helps males to attain firm erection leading to immense amount of sexual satisfaction.

The tablet is hundred times more effective and efficient in blocking PDE5 than PDE3, an enzyme which is found in the heart tissue and blood vessels of human body. It is considered as a boon for improving erection and the possibility to perform successful sexual intercourse. The tablet starts showing its impact within 30 minutes. Vidalista 20mg is one of the most multi-utility medicines which can cure many health related problems of men. It is a generic version of Cialis 20mg. The medicine is prominently used to relax muscles and increase the flow of blood to specific areas of the body.It is also used to cure erectile dysfunction and enlarged prostrate. However,it is recommended to use the medicine under the supervision of a doctor.


Although the tablet is highly effective for all erection or impotency related problems in men, still it is recommended to take it under the supervision of a doctor in order to avoid any severe health impacts. If you are suffering from kidney disease, heart disease or any bleeding disorder then it is better to consult your doctor before taking the tablet.

·        It is suggested not to take Vidalista 20 if you are allergic to it.Over the top, don’t consume the medicine if you are already using a nitrate drug for chest pain or any of the heart problems as it may occur serious problems for you.

·        It is best if you inform your doctor about any emergency in case your erection is painful or last longer than four hours as it cause serious damage to penis. The best way is to go for medical checkup before consuming the tablet in order to avoid any health emergency.

·        Make sure you are not diagnosed with any of the diseases such as heart disease, liver disease, kidney problem,leukemia or any eye related problem.

How to consume Vidalista 20

One should not consume the tablet by his own choice. It is recommended to follow the prescription chart given on the tablet and get yourself checked before.Usually, one tablet needs to be taken daily before performing any sexual activity. It is better to consume tablet before 60 minutes of performing any sexual activity.

·        It is best to consume a single tablet daily while following the prescription label. Don’t take the tablet inlarger amounts. Just follow the recommendations.

·        The tablet can be taken after or before the meal with a glass of water.

·        If you are willing to do any sexual activity, it is best to take the tablet right before that in order to enjoy your sex.

·        Don’t miss the tablet and consume it every day in order to see good results.

·        Avoid consuming alcohol, grapes or fruit juice if you are taking Vidalista 20 tablet in order to avoid any complications.


The Vidalista is a wonderful pill which improves sexual performance and erection. Its effectiveness longs for 36 hours and men can enjoy prolonged erection and amazing sexual pleasure like never before. Hence, the tablet can be taken to cure all impotency related problems in men.

Side effects of Vidalista 20

Everything in this world comes up with benefits and side-effects. Likewise, the tablet does come up with some side effects that might affect your body if its not taken in a right manner. It is suggested to take the tablet under the supervision of your physician as the tablet has some side effects also.

·        You may face a vision change while consuming this tablet.

·        You may have some hearing problem also.

·        You may face irregular heartbeat or swelling in your hands while consuming this tablet.

·        You may also experience headaches or muscle pain while taking this tablet.

Hence, it is always better to consume Vidalista 20mg under the supervision of your doctor so that you can enjoy its benefits without facing any kind of troubles. Just go for a regular health check-up in order to keep yourself checked and avoid becoming a victim of its side-effects. Over the top, if you are facing any severe kidney, liver or heart disease then its better not to consume the tablet at any cost unless and until your doctor recommends you. Therefore, it is very important to take the medicine under the supervision of the doctor. Then only you can see the best results in you while having Vidalista 20 mg.