Generic Name Sildenafil Citrate
Strength (s) 100
Brand Name Ladygra
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Manufacturer Dharam pharma
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Female Viagra pill is a product which is designed to improve women sexuality just like other pills that are designed to improve men sexual health. The pill helps women to enhance sensitivity to stimulation and allows them to reach maximum as well as intense sexual satisfaction. It helps women to obtain maximum pleasure and orgasm while having intercourse without any hassles. It is the easiest and cheapest solution to improve sexual health and impotency related problems without burning a hole in their pockets. Knowing the fact that sexual dysfunction in women is becoming a major issue due to lack of arousal and desire, the pill has been made to get rid of all types of impotency and sexual problems among women. The pill helps to boost libido in women which eventually enhances sexual energy and sensitivity to stimulation. Over the top, the tablet helps in promoting incredible and amazing climaxes that are further followed by natural lubrication. The pill starts functioning by increasing the blood circulation around the vagina in order to intensify the pleasure in sexual act.

On the other hand, Viagra for women is designed to block an enzyme which acts as an inhibitor of blood flow. However, in men this problem can cause swelling in penile tissue. When he consumes Viagra, he can witness an increase flow of blood around the genital areas which eventually helps in treating ED or impotency problem among men. In the same way it works for females by enhancing blood flow to the pelvic area. As per the recent report, over 43% women suffer from sexual dysfunction problem which can be cure only through such medicines or change in the lifestyle. Under sexual dysfunction, a woman lacks desire of sex, arousal or orgasm. It is due to many factors such as hyper tension, heart disease, diabetes, neurological diseases,consumption of alcohol and many more likewise. Therefore, the tablet of Female Viagra is designed to fight against the major problem among women in order to help her improving sexual life.


When it comes to dosage, the pill has to be taken orally. Its impact can be felt and seen after 45 minutes of intake and remains for 4-6 hours. However, one should not consumer than one tablet in order to avoid any kind of health complications or side-effects.

·        The pill needs to be taken once in a day especially before an hour of sexual activity in order to see its best results.

·        It can be taken with or without food with water without mixing alcohol with it.

·        It should be taken with a glass full of water without missing the dose for a single day.

·        In case you have missed your daily dose then take it as soon as your remember it. Just remember that you must take the dose before an hour of having an intercourse.

Side effects

Although the pill doesn’t come up with severe side effects that can’t be tolerated, still it is always safer to consume the tablet under medical prescription.

·        Some of the severe side effects of taking the pill would be changing in women’s voice, change in facial hair,dizziness or pain in the vaginal area. Apart from that, nothing major complications are caused by the tablet among women.

·        Other minor complications that may occur while consuming the pill are facial flushing, sensitivity to light,upset stomach or nausea.

·        If any major complication occurs, then it is recommended to seek immediate medical attention in order to avoid further trouble.


The female Viagra online is an effective pill which increases the blood flow to the genitals which further enhances lubrication and relaxes vaginal muscles. The pill is very effective in treating sexual dysfunction problems among females. The pill helps in circulating enough blood to the vagina which eventually helps in maximizing stimulation,sensitivity and pleasure while having intercourse. The pill is nothing short of a boon for all those women who feel sad for their sexual inactivity or having problem of impotency. This wonderful pill also helps in maximizing orgasms like never before.


The pill is very effective and a boon for all women younger than 50 years who have hysterectomy and menopause. Those women, who are pregnant or on breastfeeding stage must consult doctor before taking the pill in order to avoid any further health related complications.

The tablet should be taken after consulting gynecologist or physician, otherwise it may cause some health related problems in the future. Moreover, if you are a heart patient, or diagnosed with high blood pressure, kidney problem, chest pain,anxiety or hyper depression then it is advised not to consume this tablet.

Also, the pill should be stored in a room temperature between 36-86 degrees Fahrenheit. The pill should be kept in an air tight container and away from children. You can buy female Viagra pill from any online store or offline medical store.