Security Policy

At EDMedsRX, we are committed to give utmost respect and importance to security as it plays a very crucial role in the online world today. Knowing the vulnerable activities online, we use incredible and hi-tech security methods to safeguard our website and all the information of users on it. Our tools of security are efficient enough to secure all online dealings without any loopholes. We ensure that customers’ information remains safe and sound in every dealing.

We are dedicated to consistently offer efficient and hi-tech security measures, and also keep on updating them quite often. Our team is consistent enough to make efforts in order to follow new security trends to combat advanced online threats that can cause severe damage to the online system.

Mostly, security breaches happen at the time of transactions getting processed. Hence, we make sure that the security at this crucial stage is kept highly safe. For this we have introduced the Secure Socket Layer (SSL) encryption technology which helpsin safeguarding the transaction process without any flaw. In this way your card details and passwords are kept very safe. Moreover, to secure your sensitive financial details during the time of transaction we have adopted a 3D secure and verified by VISA PCI compliant payment processor which protects entire process of transaction with the latest security methodologies in order to save you from security breaches.

We adhere tooffer best possible and transparent security methodologies to our loyal customers in order to keep them away from all worries. Hence they don’t need toworry about leakage of their sensitive information at any time. At the same time, we love to receive feedback and queries from our customers regardingsecurity policy or privacy policy. It helps us to grow and maintain 100%customer satisfaction policy.