Privacy Policy

EDMedsRX has designed incredibly efficient, smart and customer centric privacy policy in order to safeguard the personal information provided by customers. In this vulnerable online world where information leakage is happening on a daily basis, we ensure to keep all details and information of customers totally safe. Hence, we have developed a privacy policy that completely goes with our products and services.

First of all, we at EDMedsRX don’t send promotional emails to our clients. Knowing the fact that customers get annoyed a lot by promotional emails, we don’t send any for the sake of promotion. We believe in offering quality services and products to promote our brand. We only send emails regarding our new products and services so that you come to know about them without any further delay. The new offer emails are also send only if you have accepted our promotional letters offer. We don’t send anything to your personal IDs or address without your acceptance.

We assure 100% confidentiality to our each and every customer. We don’t share or misuse our customer’s name,email IDs, mailing address, account details, credit card details and all other sensitive information with third parties or other companies. Over the top, we safeguard all this information with the help of advanced technology. All your debit card and credit card information is encrypted using SSL encryption technology before being shared on the Internet. We ensure optimum level of security to your sensitive financial information to keep it safe from hackers.

Knowing the rising problem of Spam online, we don’t entertain or tolerate any such spam related things. With all due respect to our privacy policy, we don’t share any of your information with a third party websites or companies for benefits. Hence, you will not get any unsolicited emails.

When it comes to copyright, we hereby declare that each and every product, image, logo, description etc are copyrighted and owned by EDMedsRX. We have originally created them in order to maintain highest form of quality and uniqueness. One has to obtain a written permission to use any of our information, images or logos printed on the website. All our trademarks and information are legal, hence unauthorized usage will lead to legal suit.

EDMedsRX is committed to adhere to its privacy policy, hence customers don’t need to worry a little regarding their information shared with us.

Moreover, if you have any query or feedback on our privacy policy, then feel free to share with us.