Generic Name Sildenafil Citrate
Strength (s) 100
Brand Name Aurogra
Delivery Time 10 day(s)
Manufacturer Aurochem
Shipping Us,Uk,Australia ,singapore,Japan,Hk
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                                                                       What is Aurogra?

It is a type of drug which is taken byorally and used by only men those who are suffering from erectile dysfunction.  Those who are suffering a sexual intercourseor erectile dysfunction then this drug will fulfil your desires. Thus keeps thepenis in the position of erection in fact after the sexual intercourse.  You can purchase Aurogra medicine directly online. It is available in jewel mouldedblue tablets and contains 100 mg SildenafilCitrate. Aurogra 100 mg is a kind of common form of Viagra made.

Basicdetails of Aurogra brand

Availabledose: 100 mg

Manufacturer: Aurochem

Active element: SildenafilCitrate

Drugform: Film coated pills

Whatis Aurogra 100 mg drug used for?

The drug belongs to phosphodiesterase type 5 (PDE-5) inhibitors. The importance of thismedication is Sildenafil element which is totally used for treatment oferectile dysfunction only for men from various decades. The influence of thedrug is continued till five hours in the wake of taking.  

Basically, this drug is not mentioned forthose who are suffering kidney diseases or if someone is in taking medicationsthat belongs to nitrates. If you had a cardiovascular failure or stroke thenyou have to choose not to consume Aurogra100 mg at least till 6 months. You can ask here for more information or goto the specialist.

Whatis erectile dysfunction treatment?

Aurogra drug make sex even better and with these tablets the muscles of thegenital parts open as well as expand the bloodstream. Aurogra medicine helps in the treatment of male sexual intercourseproblems, such as infertility or erectile dysfunction by increasing the flow ofblood in the penis. Basically, it contains an operative quantity of SildenafilCitrate.

Whatis the mechanism of Aurogra 100 mg?

The active element of Aurogra is Sildenafil which is a vasodilator agent that works onthe flexibility of blood vessels in the erection process of penis. It growstheir capacity to fill up with blood and keep it until after ejaculation.

AboutSildenafil dosage-

The dose of Aurogra is available in 100 mgwhich is the most suggested dose for Sildenafil.

Howthe drug should be taken?

If you are going to have sex then the pillof Aurogra should be taken beforesex at least 30 minutes to 1 hour for the medicine action to absorb in yourbody. It can be intake after a light snacks or on an empty stomach. If you use Aurogra medication then the consumptionof alcohol should be moderate.

Whatshould you choose between Aurogra and Viagra?

Aurogra is a low-priced whereas Viagra is most expensive. Aurogra is manufactured in Gujarat,India whereas Viagra is an Irish brand.

HowAurogra is better than Kamagra?

Kamagra is also a drug from the family of commonly made Sildenafil pills. Kamagra brand has been in the marketfor more than 15 years, is manufactured by Ajanta Pharma Limited and availablein 50 mg and 100 mg dosage.

Whatare the side effects of Aurogra drug?

Aurogra100 mg may or may not root a series of side effectslight to normal and short-term in some patients. The increment of unfortunatereactions is a matter of toleration of Sildenafil that means not every consumerwill experience these effects. The most commonly side effects are caused asfollows:

1.      Headache

2.      Flushing

3.      Runny nose

4.      Redness of the face and neck

5.      Nasal congestion

6.      Diarrhoea

7.      Changes in vision

8.      Digestion issues

9.      Nausea

There are some major reactions that need anurgent concern. They are connected to the cardiac diseases and allergies thatcan result in irremediable damage in the body:

1.      Chest pain or arm pain

2.      Loss of eyesight in one eye orboth

3.      Improper heartbeat

4.      Erection process that does nothappen in 4 hours

Whatcould be the precautions?

Aurogra100 mg tablet should not be consumed alongside withcitrus rich fruits like grapefruit, orange or lemon juice. Aurogra drug should be appointed by a certified healthcaresupplier. Currently, other drugs are taken by the consumer should be accountedto the prescriber to avoid critical combination between Aurogra and other drugs. After the age of 50 years, the dosage isrequired.

When we should not consume Aurogra 100 mg drug?

Aurogra should not be consumed when the following health conditions andissues happen:

1.      Congestion in the heart

2.      Recent stroke within the last 6months

3.      Cardiac arrest

4.      Blood vessel diseases

5.      Leukaemia

6.      Crowded disc and other eyeissues

7.      Anaemia

8.      Heart attack

9.      Retinitis pimentos

10.  Non-arthritic ischemic opticneuropathy, especially of smokers

11.  Ulcer in stomach

12.  Peronei’s disease

13.  Penile angulations

14.  Kidney disease

15.  Liver disease

16.  High or low blood pressure

Inform your doctor of your current diseaseand past health circumstances to the best of your known.

Whereyou can buy Aurogra 100 mg tablet online?

A larger number of common drug dealers.This medicine is indigenously manufactured in India but you can buy it from theAustralian, American, Canadian and European pharmacy sellers operating. Anauthentic pharmacy should have their contact details and available to thevisitors on the website.

This drug is authorization drug. Firstly,you have to take consultation from a doctor before you purchase Aurogra online.

Howmuch does common Sildenafil cost?

The price of common Sildenafil changes oneseller to another. There are many common analogy of Viagra, most of them made by different manufacturers. It varies theproduction cost, Sildenafil dosage, size of the package, seller mark-ups,discount policies of retailer, drug form and logistics cost. If you want toreap the benefits a lower Sildenafil cost, then we suggest you to order form apharmacy that  avail oneself of thedirect sales model that cut down the logistical expenditures. Also, you candecrease the per tablet cost by ordering huge packages. In a package of Aurogra 30 tablets contains Sildenafiltablets that cost $1.63 per tablet, while the same medicine is available for$0.82 in a package of Aurogra 100 mg 270 tablets, which is 50 % savings.